True Happiness

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
Her long hair was brown, her eyes crystal blue

The laughter lines etched in her old face belied,
Missing true happiness for which she oft cried

She toiled all day long to keep her house clean,
As though true happiness would need it pristeen

She fixed up her hair and her make-up each day,
In case true happiness should come by her way

Her house was oft draughty and cold night and day,
She hoped true happiness would bring warmth her way

It wasn't until she'd waited for years,
When she realised that she had to combat her fears

She couldn't expect it to one day come by,
She had to go get it, "I'll make it be mine"

The next day she left her house for the town,
Her hair all done up, her shoes polished brown

She walked through the market and everyone thought,
Thank goodness she's here, doing just what she ought

She searched for true happiness the whole live long day,
But nothing came close in quite the right way

T'was the very last stall which renewed in her hope,
The cobbler there seemed like such a nice bloke

They talked a while 'til she thought he could serve her,
Before steering their chat to that which concerned her

The man seemed disturbed by her crazy idea,
Leaving her feeling engulfed in cold fear

Perhaps he was not as nice as he'd seemed,
Perhaps the niceness she'd seen, she'd actually dreamed

But he saw the doubt and concern in her crystal blue eyes,
And instantly his face brightened with smiles

The next day he came to her at the house,
He thought it quite decent, "not even a mouse"

Her pride overwhelmed her, she pampered and fussed,
Surprisingly her problem left him non-plussed

He left her that night but promised to come back,
Bringing happiness with him, she was certain of that

She waited for days and as confidence gave way,
A team of large wagons came heading her way

Weighed down with his promise, their progress went slowly,
True happiness was there, she saw it quite clearly

Her heart leapt for joy, she was truly elated,
No more would her house be draughty and dated

Now she'd have a home good inside and out,
Warm and secured by true happiness throughout

Why, what else could please when her house needed laces?
But extra long laces thread through the right places.

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© Jacqueline Chandler 2002