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"It's hard to believe this is her first fantasy book because it was so competently written and constructed – I hope it won't be her last."
~ Sue Medley

"Fabulous Book to read."
~ Wanda Myers

"The Darkness of Aysu is a well-written novel, one I had a hard time putting down. Firstly, the writer, Jacqueline Chandler, narrates events from both the past and the present. Mrs. Chandler helps us connect the dots and further understand the plot. I enjoyed seeing the characters develop as layers of their personalities were revealed. The romance between the two main characters was very well explained. You cannot stop yourself from falling in love with the characters.
The setting was well developed. The Kingdom of Aysu was vividly described and a bit creepy, which set up the story well. The imagery was well drawn out, with realistic details. You could see it almost clearly in your own mind. It perfectly sets the central theme of the story - love.
Honestly speaking, this is an exciting book that may even keep you up all night…. The Darkness of Aysu was engaging from start to finish. Jacqueline Chandler was concise and clearly has excellent story-telling skills. The development of ideas was clear and the character development, spot on."
~ Official 'Review Saint' Review

"a complex and fascinating character who has a lot of strengths and weaknesses."
~ Book Crown Blog

"Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Really enjoyed it."
~ Amazon Reader
Cover of Deadlock Reviews for 'Deadlock'

"It was a long night but I finished just before 4 am…. I hope there will be a third in the series."
~ Amanda Hook

"The entire novel, from beginning to end, is superbly written and both the characters and the plot are well-developed. It is suspenseful, brutal, heart-wrenching, shocking, and downright exciting. And it leaves us, as readers, begging for more."
~ Amazon Reader

"The book is a real page-turner, with great characters and a suitably complex plot. As at the end of ‘Deadlock’, she leaves us wanting to read more, waiting impatiently for her next novel."
~ Amazon Reader

"Noch immer sind die Personen so real, die Handlung so glaubhaft, ich war regelrecht eingetaucht. Und das bei einer noch dichteren Handlung.
Mehr Handlungsstränge die einen Spannungsbogen über sehr lange Zeit ermöglichen (und eine Fortsetzung möglich machen die ich mir schon sehr wünsche) und den Leser so sehr gefangen nehmen, wie auch die Protagonisten gefangen sind.
Ich lese viele Bücher, aber meist bin ich dabei in der Position des außenstehenden Beobachters. Jacqueline Chandler gelingt es, mich emotional zu beteiligen; mich ins Geschehen hineinzuziehen und dort zu fesseln.
Wenn Sie englische Bücher lesen, um Ihre Sprachkenntnisse zu verbessern dürfen Sie "But You Can't Hide" und "Deadlock" nicht verpassen.
Gut zu lesen und verständlich geschrieben bieten die Bücher einen Zusatznutzen der über den lernfördernden Aspekt "Freude am Lesen" weit hinausgeht."
~ Kaiser Wilhelm

"So once again the excellent pace and writing leads you on through their traumatic story, defying you to put the book down as the characters play out the breathtaking drama. Unmissable!"
~ Amazon Reader

"Awesome read."
~ Amazon Reader
Cover of Deception Reviews for 'Deception'
(previously published as 'But You Can't Hide')

"Chandler creates a narrative that reels you in and leaves you wondering what happens next at every page. The plot is not especially "clever" in that Sherlock Holmes way nor are the villains particularly grand or scheming. But it doesn't need to be. This is the story of a very real situation with very real consequences. The brutal violence - and there's a sizeable portion of it - is rendered in wince-inducing detail and the characters are as flawed, foolish and quintessentially human as they come. The book is the first part of a grander story as yet unwritten and the final pages leave you impatient for the rest."
~ Inquire Magazine

~ Amanda Hook

"In parts the suspense is so high that you can't take a breath."
~ Amazon Reader

"Really good whodunnit, with great twists and turns that make you think all the time. Great read from this new Queen of Crime!"
~ Ian Butler

"Unter anderem musste sich Jacqueline Chandler mit Ihrem Erstling gegen die Routiniers Dan Brown und David Baldacci behaupten.
Was soll ich sagen. Baldaccis Kritiker sagen, seine Bücher fesseln so, dass das Badewasser um den Leser abkühlt.
Das ist mir noch nie passiert. Bis jetzt. Jacqueline Chandler hat das geschafft.
Ich lese englische Bücher um besser Englisch zu lernen. Auch dafür ist das Buch gut geeignet. Der Schreibstil von Frau Chandler ist angenehm und gut verständlich."
~ Kaiser Wilhelm

"I really enjoyed this book. The mystery woven throughout it made me want to keep reading to find out what happened and I found the main character likeable and just vulnerable enough that you were rooting for her to get out of this awful situation that she finds herself in."
~ Amazon Reader

"You are immediately drawn in to the lives of the characters and as the excellent writing takes you through their story, the plot develops with believable but shockingly dramatic twists and turns which pull their fates together. The drama builds inexorably, making it un-put-downable with a concern for the characters which makes you delighted that there is a sequel!"
~ Amazon Reader

"Ich kann sagen, dass es mir das Lesen dieses Buchs sehr viel Spaß macht. Die Charaktere werden vor dem inneren Auge lebendig und man taucht richtig ab in die geheimnisvolle Geschichte."
~ Amazon Reader

"The twists of misfortune are relentless as is the complexity of the plot. ... This story has it all: suspense, action, pace, strong characters and depth of plot."
~ Scott Skipper

"Gets you immediately into the action and leaves you wanting for more."
~ Amazon Reader

"A great cast of characters, some romance, a nicely flowing writing style and - most important - page turning suspense, down to the very end."
~ Amazon Reader

"The characters are so well written, the plot intriguing and intelligent without being overly complicated and the action fast-paced but, above all, totally believable."
~ Amazon Reader

"Fast-paced, thrilling, engaging and exciting, with surprising twists, and convincing characters."
~ Amazon Reader

"I was hooked! … Looking forward to a sequel."
~ Bena Roberts

"Full of suspense until the very end."
~ Amazon Reader

"This is a fantastic novel. Not a book for the squeamish, it has well-drawn characters, whose fates become vitally important to the reader. The plot is excellent, and the book is a real page-turner, literally to the very end. Highly recommended. Waiting impatiently for the sequel."
~ Amazon Reader

"It leaves you asking questions and wanting more: a real page-turner. Once started you don't want to put it down."
~ L Morrey

"Lots of twists and turns and really engaging characters. A great read from a great writer."
~ P Byrne

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