Cover for Deadlock
Now Available - Sequel to 'But You Can't Hide'

What happens when the lies are all you've got left?

"My name is Aspinall and I work for a man called Brice," a quiet voice whispered in Fin's ear.
"You have something of his and he wants it back."

Sometimes there's only one way to break a deadlock.

Katherine Morley stole Brice's ledger as insurance. It was meant to protect her, but she underestimated Brice's obsession with this book. She has no idea how determined he is to retrieve it, or how far he is prepared to go.
While she and Private Detective Stuart Finlay have it hidden, Brice dare not make a move against them.
The two sides exist in an uneasy deadlock.
And now Brice has found a way to break it...

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Cover for But You Can't Hide
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When you've lost everything and have no one to turn to, at what point
do the lies you've told become justified?
At what point do those same lies become the truth?

Private detective Stuart Finlay is looking for a girl. His investigation leads him to Katherine, but nothing matches what he's been told and it's clear to him that someone, possibly even his own client, is lying.

Convinced Katherine isn't the one, Finlay is out of possible leads but his client continues to push and Finlay comes to realise that he isn't the only one looking for his girl. Brutal killers, thinking he has already found his target, hunt him down in a quest for answers. As they start to look at Katherine, Finlay risks everything to try to convince them she isn't the one.

He fails.

Laden with guilt, Finlay is forced to watch as, bit by bit, Katherine is made to lose everything. He's desperate to help her, but the killers are holding something over him, something he'll risk dying for in order to protect. If she can't get away, Katherine may be forced to make the same sacrifice.

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InQuire Magazine:

"'But You Can't Hide' is a fantastic read. Chandler creates a narrative that reels you in and leaves you wondering what happens next at every page."