Photo of Jacqueline Chandler I don't find it easy to write about myself but I'll give it a go.

I was raised in various cities and countries, never staying anywhere too long. I moved to Hong Kong at the age of 5, which I loved. Those were the happiest years of my childhood. I was back in England for my teenage years and I'm not going to talk about that. I'm assuming you were all teenagers once and can, therefore, understand this. I will say that I started writing around about then though. I remember having an idea for the book which became 'But You Can't Hide' and needing some facts. About the age of 15, I visited Swindon Police Station (where I was living at the time) and bombarded a hugely patient and understanding policeman with a whole range of questions pertinent to the story. Twice during this interview he checked with me that I wasn't actually planning on doing any of this.

I studied Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent and did well in it. You'll notice it isn't especially vocational, particularly for a writing career, especially when you consider that I never plan on writing anything from a political standpoint. I chose it because I wanted to do creative writing but hated reading (which I now enjoy but am still ridiculously slow at) and couldn't find a good writing course I liked. So I chose the one subject I had enjoyed at school, modern history, and found that the only way to study history and avoid all the kings, queens, and battles of the past, was to study it with political theory. At this point in my life, writing a book was a dream. It wasn't something I realistically ever expected to achieve - there are only so many JK Rowling's in the world.

Photo of Jacqueline Chandler It was only after University that my then-boyfriend (now-husband) encouraged me to give it a go. It took ten drafts before I was happy. I sent it to various UK based publishers. I visited the Frankfurt Book Fayre (where I am now living) in order to get people willing to look at my book. I then worked on agents. I got short-listed by two publishers. I have publishers who have asked to read anything else I produce in the future, but in the end, the answer was a 'no'. They weren't willing to risk the money involved to back a new author.

So, I self-published - I wanted an end to 'But You Can't Hide'. I'd worked hard on it and I love it, but after 25 years, I needed some way to finish it for good. I'm thrilled by the positive response the book has so far received, and friends persuaded me to write the sequel which is doing equally as well. There's no stopping me now. This is no longer an unattainable dream but something I seriously want to pursue. I'm a housewife with a gorgeous husband and two wonderful children (and, at the time of writing, 18 fish). I love what I do and I recognise how important and all-consuming raising kids is, but there is so much more that goes on inside me that people, my friends even, have no idea about. People see me as a happy, bubbly person.

They have no idea.

If you read my books (and I really hope you do) please be advised that I really am a very happy, well-adjusted person.

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