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I was born in Carleon, Wales, and raised in various cities around the world. The happiest years of my childhood were spent in Hong Kong. I was back in England for my teenage years, but I'm not going to talk about that. I'm assuming you were all teenagers once and can, therefore, understand this. I will say that I started writing seriously around then though - marvellous tales of adventure and action and escapism. I tried poems and short stories, but novels were where my heart lay. I wrote without discipline, with ideas built on a three am madness. I had fun. I slept little.

In 2019, I went on my first ever writing course weekend and found out what this writing thing was actually all about. Over the course of that weekend, my work was short-listed for one of the competitions, I learned a lot, made friends, and found that other authors understood when I talked about how the characters exist in my head. They had them too!

After that, I scoured websites, gorged on ‘how to write’ books, honed my craft, and then submitted my first thriller for an editorial assessment. I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong with that. So, I made it better and submitted again, one year later. And I learned more.

Photo of Jacqueline Chandler Also in 2020, I wrote my first ever children’s book. It quickly found a publisher and became available for sale in early 2021: Bubbles: The Story of a Little Cat.

This is all I want to do. I still have fun. I still get very little sleep. But I love it.

I’m now settled just south of Frankfurt in Germany. I have a very understanding husband, two glorious teenage boys, and, occasionally, a cat.

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