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I was born in Carleon, Wales, and raised in various cities around the world. The happiest years of my childhood were spent in Hong Kong. I was back in England for my teenage years, but I'm not going to talk about that. I'm assuming you were all teenagers once and can, therefore, understand this. I will say that I started writing around about then though. That was the beginning of ‘Deception’ (previously published as ‘But You Can’t Hide’).

In 1993, I graduated from Kent University in Canterbury and then relocated to Germany in 1995. 'But You Can't Hide’ was published on 8 December 2012. Wanting to know how the story progressed, friends persuaded me to write a sequel. ‘Deadlock’ was published for the first time on 4 November 2014. I love my characters and I love the worlds they inhabit, but I then wanted to try something new - ‘The Darkness of Aysu’ was published on 28 November 2017 . Thanks to various reviews and comments I have received over the years, all three books have been edited and improved, and were re-issued in 2019. At that point, I changed the title of 'But You Can’t Hide' to 'Deception'. I read all my reviews, so thank you to those who have taken the time to do that. It is much appreciated.

Photo of Jacqueline Chandler In September 2019, my pitch for the third book in the Stuart Finlay series was in the list of eight finalists in the 2019 Festival of Writing weekend organised by Jericho Writers. There's no stopping me now. This is no longer an unattainable dream, but something I seriously want to pursue. I'm a housewife with a fantastic husband, two wonderful children, occasionally a cat, and (at the time of writing) 12 fish. But there is so much more that goes on inside me that people have no idea about. People see me as a happy, bubbly person.

They have no idea.

If you read my books (and I really hope you do) please be advised that I really am a very happy, well-adjusted person.

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